Company Bullet d.o.o. for production and sales of ammunition was established in 1993. Our main business is production of ammunition for sports and hunting weapons (rifles, pistols and revolvers), production of pistol bullets, sale of ammunition and reloading components and testing of ammunition characteristics and bulletproof materials and constructions.

During development and production of ammunition we have cooperated with world class producers such as Hirtenberger AG and Sellier & Bellot sharing experience and knowledge necessary for improving our products. Thanks to our 25 year experience we are also producing special ammunition for military and law enforcement.

Our facility is equipped with smaller automatic line for pistol ammunition and handloading line for high precision rifle ammunition. Testing part of our company is equipped with 25m tunnel with equipment for ammunition testing according to CIP and MIL standards and measurement of velocity and pressure. Also we can conduct testing of bulletproof materials and constructions. (Bulletproof glass, vests, helmets, doors and other material)

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