When loading high quality hunting ammunition for shooting big, rare and expensive game we use X monolith bullet produced by US company Barnes. In this moment it is the best hunting bullet on world market. There is no expanding bullet which can achieve such effect on animal body like Barnes X.It is made from one piece of copper, sharp edged form which makes it appropriate for use in rifles made on base of model M 48.Because bullet is made of copper (ecology) its dimensions are bigger than other bullet in same weight. From that reason it is possible to use lighter bullet which will have higher Vo, and same effect on target. On the top of the bullet there is a little expansion cavity, on impact on soft target it expands in four sharp edged leaves, and it contracts backwards to bullet body. Bullet rotates very fast and makes great damage on tissue, and makes deep penetration.Expansional cavity is made in such way that makes expansion of bullet on impact in soft target at minimal velocity of 450 m/s.X bullet is constructed for deep penetration in target which allows a shot at bad angles, especially in occasions when only a part of target is visible, and that is the only chance for shot we have.

Shot in a gelatine block

Caliber: .300 Win Mag

Bullet:11,7 gr.

Velocity: 890m/sek

Penetration: 77 cm.

Bullet starts to expand 3 centimetres after entering, after that bullet path is 20 cm in diameter. In further penetration bullet looses speed, bullet path is getting smaller and at the end the bullet exits the body. Enter and exit wounds are small, but inside the body there is a big bullet path. It keeps 95% of weight and stays in one piece at the penetration. That characteristic contributes that in animal body there are no bullet fragment and meat damage is minimal. According to all that facts X bullet is good choice for hunter who seeks maximal tissue damage and one shot kill. While hunting rare and expensive game with high quality ammunition, bullet is smallest investment and hunting success often depends on it.