Dummy rounds

Dummy training rounds are intended for practice of loading and unloading magazines and ammunition links for automatic and semiautomatic weapons (pistols, assult rifles, machineguns) and they are in official use with several NATO forces.

Dummy training rounds consist of brass case (CuZn30), bullet and polymer filling, usually red color. For easier identification from live ammo there are drilled 2 or 4 holes with visible colored filling. Our rounds gives soldiers and law enforcement officers more realistic feeling of handling weapons since feel and weight is same as live rounds so in combat situation they will be prepared to carry same weight as they had in training, this is much more realistic compared to plastic or aluminum rounds ,also durability of our round is much longer. Dimensions of ammunition are made according to STANAG requirements for specified caliber.

Available calibers:

  • 9×19 mm
  • 4,6×30 mm
  • 5,56×45 mm
  • 7,62×51 mm
  • 12,7×99 mm

Other calibers, weight and color fillings can be made upon request.

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