High pressure proofing ammunition

High pressure proofing ammunition is used for testing of firearms. This type of ammunition has increased powder charge to achieve higher pressure in barrel of firearm compared to standard ammunition. Purpose of this ammunition is testing of weapons during production to determine possible weak spots and to be sure that firearm is completely safe for use to avoid personal injury or even death of user.

We are producing proofing rounds for industrial production needs in most common pistol and rifle calibers depending on client requirements. Ammunition can be made according to CIP,SAAMI,MIL standard or by custom specification of client. This type of ammunition is passing through strict control in our test lab to ensure that all characteristics are fulfilling strict tolerances
defined by standard.
Proofing rounds have shorter service life than standard ammo and have to be renewed on time with new ammunition because of strict tolerances regarding pressure and degradation of smokeless powder through time.

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