Bullet, company for production of ammunition was found in 1993. We are 100% in private ownership and are located in zagreb.our product range consist of ammunition for law enforcement, sport and hunting wepons.also we have facilities for testing of ammunition.
Our factory is equipped with an automatic line for loading pistol cartridges.also we have line for handloading high precision and special types of pistol and rifle cartridges.
Testing facility of our company consist of an underground, climatised, 25 meter long tunnel equipped with instruments for testing ammunition according cip and mil standards. Also we are capable to test bullet proof glass, doors and vests.
We cooperate with austrian manufacturer of ammunition, hirtenberger and we are their representative and licensed manufacturer for republic croatia.for our licensed production we use their technology, components and system of quality control. We load ammunition for law enforcement, sport and hunting.in our production we use finest components from market: hirtenberger,barnes,nosler,speer etc. Our customers are buying high quality ammunition which is not only reliable and accurate but also efficient on the target.