Pistol ammunition

We are producing reloaded and new ammunition in caliber 9x19, with several types of bullet depending on purpose.

Full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet has wide range of usage, from law enforcement and military to sport and recreational. It is used for better penetration and at targets and ranges where is no danger from ricocheted of bullet so safety distance must be taken in consideration.

For IPSC and other practical shooting disciplines and training we are producing ammunition with Copper plated lead bullet that gives good price/quality ratio to volume shooters and even outperforms some classic bullets in precision. Considering that lead core is encapsulate in copper bullet is ecologically acceptable and lead fumes are reduced to minimum reducing lead poisoning of shooters especially in closed environment. With above mentioned benefits there is also significantly lower factor of ricocheted compared to traditional FMJ bullets and also reduced barrel wear.

In our production we have also ammunition with coated bullet-specially developed for ranges where FMJ bullets are not allowed. This bullets have lowest ricocheted ratio, lowest barrel wear and coating prevents lead fouling in barrel. At impact coated bullets are same as bare lead bullets while coating prevents lead fouling in barrel and fumes. Main purpose of this bullets is volume shooting where price is main factor.

-reloaded case CuZn30
-buller  124 grs / 8,0 g, lead core,
-boxer primer, non corrosive


Pressure: 2150 bar
Velocity V0: 360 m/s
Kinetic energy: 518 J

Basic packing:

  • cardboard bpx 250 pcs
Transport packing:
  • 2000 pcs. (8 basic packings)
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