We produce cartridges for short and long vepons with rifled barrels. Our products are made according cip standards. Also we cast lead bullets for reloading.
In cooperation with austrian manufacturer of ammunition Hirtenberger AG and under their licence we produce top class pistol cartridges. At a moment on Croatian market it is not chipset ammunition, but it is most accurate.

1 - Cartridges calibre   9mm Para bullet 8,0 gr. VMRK   Full metal jacket
2 - Cartridges calibre   9mm Para bullet 5,0 gr. EMB   Monolithic

With our development we design, test and put in production cartridges in calibre 8x57 IS for hunting big game in various styles and weight of bullets.

3 - Cartridges calibre   8 x 57 IS bullet 9,7 gr. SP   Soft point
4 - Cartridges calibre   8 x 57 IS bullet 11,7 gr. BT   Nosler ballistic tip
5 - Cartridges calibre   8 x 57 IS bullet 13,0 gr. XTM   Barnes XTM
6 - Cartridges calibre   8 x 57 IS bullet 14,2 gr. XTM   Barnes XTM

For military shooting competition we handloaded pistol and rifle cartridges with best characteristic which guaranteed superior results.

7 - Cartridges calibre   .308 WIN bullet 12,0 gr. Match    
8 - Cartridges calibre   .32 S. & W. Long bullet 6,48 gr. WC Wadcuter    

Also for lawenforcement and for other special demands we can handload high quality other types and calibers of ammunition under demands and specifications of customer (proof cartridges, subsonic, dummy's etc.). For loading that kinds of cartridges we use top bullets produced by: Barnes, Hirtenberger, Nosler, Speer, Lapua, Woodlight, etc.

All in warious weights and styles.

We have our own production of lead cast bullets made of hard lead, sized and lubricated.

In our ballistic laboratory we can make warious kainds of ballistic tests. For additional information, possibilities, and prices please contact us.