Technical description of cartridge
9 x 19 mm Parabellum with FMJ bullet

The 9 mm Parabelum ball ammunition was developed from Hirtenberger for shooting in pistols and submachine guns and is used by military and police forces as well as by sports shooters. In the meantime more than 800 milion pieces of this ammunition type was produced at Hirtenberger AG.

Bullet weight: 8,0 g (123 grs.) Balistic data:
Bullet material: Bullet jacket - St4,
guilding metal clad
(CuZn 10). Heavy metal free type-closing

Bullet core - Lead with antimony admixture
Velocity (V10): 380 + 15 m/s (barrel lenght 200 mm)
Pressure: < 2600 bar (copper crusher)
(25 m):
Height + Width
10 cm
Case: Brass CuZn 30, for Boxer primer  
Primer: Boxer primer, priming composition "Antikorrid®" - rust-proof and erosion resisting or heavy metal free-without lead, barium and antimony

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