Rifle ammunition


Our company has 25 years of tradition in manufacturing rifle ammunition for hunting and precision shooting. Guiding criteria is always high precision and terminal effect on target. Hunting line of ammunition consists of lead free monolith type bullet Fox bullet manufactured in following calibers : 7x57R ,7x64, 7x65R, 308 Win, 30-06, 8x57 and 9.3x62.
Fox bullets are lead free bullets made from CuZn alloy. In combination with loads specially developed for this type of bullet maximum penetration and mushroom deformation effect has been accomplished resulting in high stopping power, maximum precision and weight retention, good blood trail and minimum barrel fouling like other pure copper bullets.


In our offer we have rifle ammunition for precision shooting in caliber 308 Win. Bullet is standard 168 grs. HPBT and loads are made for training and precision shooting.

Technical data
Bullet: 10,9 g (168 grs) HPBT Match
Velocity (V10): 770 ± 15 m/s (barrel length 600 mm)
Pressure: < 3800 bar
Case: Brass CuZn 30
Primer: Berdan primer
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